This couple face jail for throwing pizza rolls at each other


We all know the feeling - it's American Independence Day, feelings are running high and your partner is really annoying you.

So you throw a pizza roll at them.

Before you know it, you're in prison for assault.

Stock photo of pizza rolls.

Don't know the feeling? Well Brad Scott Beard and Samantha Brooke Canipe from North Carolina do.

They got into a fight around 1am at their apartment and threw pizza rolls at each other, according to police.

Both were charged with one count of simple assault and booked into Gaston County Jail.

Brad Scott Beard and Samantha Brooke in their mug shots.
(Gaston County Sheriff's Department)

It's unclear how the fight started, or indeed how bad the fight actually was, but according to Fox news, police say 24-year-old Beard faces up to 60 days in prison whilst 21-year-old Canipe could spend up to 30 days behind bars.

So be warned, next time you fancy throwing those pizza rolls at your loved one you could end up in prison.