Ken Clarke brands Theresa May a 'bloody difficult woman' spurring a surprising Twitter trend


Tory former chancellor Ken Clarke has launched blistering assaults on most of the main contenders in the Conservative leadership race.

In apparently unguarded remarks broadcast by Sky News, Clarke described Home Secretary Theresa May as "a bloody difficult woman", said Justice Secretary Michael Gove would take the country to war on three fronts, Boris Johnson would make a "ridiculous" prime minister, and Leave campaigner Andrea Leadsom did not really believe in Brexit.

Speaking to the former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Clarke says: "Theresa's a bloody difficult woman, but you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher."

The senior Tory goes on to say: "I get on all right with her ... and she is good. She's been at the Home Office far too long, so I only know in detail what her views are on the Home Office.

"She doesn't know much about foreign affairs."

And so the hashtag #BloodyDifficultWoman was born as people shared their thoughts on the senior Tory's comments, with many claiming they were sexist.

Others were proud to adopt the term themselves, declaring just why they were so bloody difficult themselves.

Some pointed out that men weren't branded with the same label...

And it wasn't just females speaking their minds on Clarke's comments, men were praising all the bloody difficult women in their lives.