This Spice Girls-themed tweet summing up recent resignations will make your day


The past couple of weeks have not been an easy ride for Britain as we've witnessed a handful of prominent figures from the political, sporting and entertainment worlds all hand in their resignations.

Amid the bunch were Prime Minister David Cameron, Boris Johnson (who didn't actually resign from his role, but announced he was not running for Conservative leadership as expected), England manager Roy Hodgson, Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Top Gear host Chris Evans.

One Twitter user was able to sum up the recent resignations with a witty pop culture reference, drawing parallels between those men and a very popular girl band.

Ashley Blaker likened each quitter to their own relevant Spice Girl, and we have to say, we couldn't have conjured more appropriate fits.

If that wasn't enough to bring a smile to your face, another Twitter user Daniel Wright made the most of his Photoshop skills to edit each of the men's faces onto a classic Spice Girls shot. But we must warn you, you'll never be able to unsee it...