Some of the best reactions to Nigel Farage's resignation 2.0


Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has stood down as Ukip leader after declaring that he "couldn't possibly achieve more" after the historic referendum vote to leave the EU.

But people on social media got serious deja vu from that other time he said he was standing down (after the general election) - only to stand back up again a few days later.

People began to use the words 'rats' and 'sinking ship' together a lot.

They also thought it was pretty freaking cheeky that he was staying on as a Member of European Parliament and all that entails.

No-one seemed to take his "wanting to get my life back" point too sympathetically.

As the virtual cries of 'what about what WE want?' did the rounds.

But possibly the strangest bit of all that really got people shaken up was his promise that "the real me will now come out" because he won't be constrained when he answers questions.

Brace yourselves.