Nigella Lawson's dad, Lord Lawson, says why he is backing Michael Gove for PM


Former chancellor, leading Brexit campaigner and TV cook Nigella Lawson's dad, Lord Nigel Lawson, has backed Michael Gove's campaign to become the next Prime Minister.

The Conservative peer - who ran the Treasury during Margaret Thatcher's premiership - threw his weight behind Gove, saying he was "the best-equipped candidate" among the field of five.

He said the Justice Secretary had a strong track record of pushing through reform and that the Leave campaign could not have won without his "patriotic conviction (and) intellectual authority".

Nigel Lawson played an hosted a Channel 4 EU referendum debate.
Nigel Lawson took part in the Channel 4 EU referendum debate (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

In a statement, Lawson of Blaby said: "The country will require strong leadership as we navigate our departure from the European Union and chart our new future. I believe that Michael Gove is the best candidate to provide it.

"Michael led from the front in the referendum. He campaigned with patriotic conviction and made the case with intellectual authority. We could not have achieved victory without him.

"He is also a formidably successful Cabinet minister. I know from my own experience how tough it is to drive reform through Whitehall. Michael took on the huge challenge of reforming our education system with clarity and conviction - and with great success."