Brexit 'breathtakingly stupid', says Bond star Christoph Waltz


Bond actor Christoph Waltz has blasted Brexit as "breathtakingly stupid".

The Austrian-German actor, who played villain Blofeld in Bond movie Spectre and now stars in The Legend Of Tarzan, said the UK electorate was deliberately misled before the European Union referendum.

He told the Press Association: "If you put someone at the edge of an abyss the chances that he falls into it are fairly big. And if you get self-centred, let's say, small spirits, to kick the person at the edge in the butt, he will fall, yes."

He continued: "I find it insanity and breathtakingly stupid.

"Instead of trying to enlighten and educate people about the advantages, they invent disadvantages that don't even exist and have no shame in just lying, because lying always implies an intention to mislead and that's what they did.

"Now the people who have been misled have to pay the bill."

The 59-year-old also suggested that an approach to acting has certain parallels with an approach to international relations.

He said: "It's sort of a maturing process to understand that you can only get something if you're actually willing to give, and it's extremely one of the gratifying aspects of getting older is that you internalise that and you start to understand that more and more.

"You have to put in in order to be able to get a return, and I'm not hinting at Brexit, but I have to say it comes to mind."

:: The Legend Of Tarzan will be released in UK cinemas on Wednesday.