Could Brits in Europe be given dual citizenship after Brexit vote?


A call has been made to hand Britons already living in the European Union dual citizenship in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Germany's vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel made the suggestion on Saturday calling on his country, as well as France and Italy, to consider a move that would allow Britons already living in the EU to stay.

"Let us offer it to young Britons who live in Germany, Italy or France, so they can remain European Union citizens in this country," Gabriel said at a meeting of his centre-left Social Democratic Party in Berlin.

German law normally requires that anyone applying for citizenship has to relinquish their old citizenship.

Gabriel, who is also the economy minister, told party members that "Europe is the best place in the world for freedom, democracy and the chance of social progress".

Meanwhile, about 50 people protested in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate against the British referendum to leave the EU.

Participants chiefly from Britain held EU flags and home-made placards bearing such slogans as We Love EU and We're Not Leaving and Brown Sauce.

One demonstrator, artist Daniel Belasco Rogers, said he fears that a British exit could make him a migrant in Germany after 15 years' residency.

Belasco Rogers says he and his family might apply for German citizenship "but I'm hoping they find a loophole and this whole thing doesn't happen".