Watch Boris Johnson get heckled and called an 'absolute disgrace'


When Boris stepped out of his front door this morning he probably didn't expect to be called an "absolute disgrace" right away.

But then again, he is being accused of taking us out of the EU and not sticking around to sort it out.

When a heckler said: "Boris you should be ashamed of yourself. What have you done to this country?" Boris curtly replied: "It looks all right to me."

The heckler then said: "You don't have the guts to sort it out," telling Boris he had "unleashed intolerance" and "abandoned the sinking ship".

When asked if he had been betrayed by Michael Gove, Boris said: "I cannot, unfortunately, get on with doing what I wanted to do, so it will be up to somebody else now."

He refused to say who he would be backing in the Tory leadership election.