This video of a parachute malfunction will put you off skydiving


Hold onto your hats, kids. This video is seriously scary.

Daniel Herndon, a professional skydiver from Oklahoma, was hired to deliver the game ball to a football stadium by parachute. However, things started to go wrong when Daniel opened his main parachute and it malfunctioned.

The camera he was wearing captured the incident as it unfolded.

Daniel struggles with his main parachute before deploying his reserve and making a successful landing inside the stadium.

Daniel Herndon - Here is the raw video of my demo jump... | Facebook

Daniel lost his main parachute and free-bag in the incident, as they automatically detached when the reserve was opened.

He appealed on local news for their return, and his skydiving buddies have started a GoFundMe page to buy Daniel a new set, which at the time of writing was up to $640 of a $2500 target.