Michael Gove has joined Twitter and he's asking us all to back #Gove2016


BRITAIN-EU/GOVEMichael Gove Launches Conservative Leadership Bid

"I am the candidate for change" writes Michael Gove on Twitter, hours after he showed us just how much he likes upsetting the status quo by taking us out of the EU then stabbing his best mate Boris in the back by standing for leadership.

Yes, that's right, after an eerie internet silence from Michael Gove, one of the frontrunners for the Tory leadership bid now has Twitter.

His username is @Gove2016, like he's Hillary Clinton running to be president of the United States.

His bio says: "Father, husband, MP for Surrey Heath, QPR fan & Leave campaigner" like women who write "Mother, wife, yoga fanatic".

The hilarity of it means he's already started to get trolled by people telling him to delete his account.

It could be worse though - he could have done an Ed Balls and tweeted his own name.