This man is going to lose a lot of money because he bet on Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister


One long-time Boris Johnson supporter looks set to lose a £15,000 bet after the former London mayor dropped out of the race to become prime minister.

Telegraph columnist Toby Young made the wager 13 years ago, backing Johnson to become prime minister by the end of 2017.

He has admitted his bet, made with TV cook Nigella Lawson in 2003, looks like being lost after the Conservative MP dropped out of the race to be leader in the face of an unexpected challenge by Michael Gove.

Toby Young.
Toby Young (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

However Young said he would happily sacrifice the bet if it meant Gove becoming prime minister.

He said: "If Gove wins then that would certainly be more than enough compensation for losing the bet."

Young added: "Michael Gove will make an excellent prime minister."

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson (Matt Dunham/AP)

He revealed the wager in an article for The Spectator in 2011, praising Johnson's ability to transcend traditional politics.

But in a column following Gove's announcement to stand on Thursday, Young said he had "long believed" the Justice Secretary would make a great prime minister.