The people of the Netherlands have a message for us: Britain, we love you!


Following the referendum result and political scrapping in the European Parliament this week, some of us would be forgiven for feeling that Europe doesn't like us very much right now.

Jacco de Boer seems determined to change that, releasing a video on Twitter yesterday showing various people saying "Britain, we love you!".

He filmed the video, which he released with the hashtag #Britainweloveyou, in Leeuwarden, in the north of the Netherlands.

"I filmed it because I was so shocked what was happening in the UK," de Boer said. "All the negativity. I thought they could really use some love. I walked into town and asked random people, and they all felt so sorry for the common people in Britain".

"I lived in Britain for a couple of years and I love Britain dearly. So the message is a token of appreciation for the wonderful country and people, whatever their origin, the Brits are."

Brits on Twitter responded to the touching video with messages of thanks.

We love you too, Jacco and friends.