Michael Gove has said that he doesn't want to be Prime Minister quite a lot of times


For someone who's hoping to be the leader of the Conservative Party, Michael Gove sure hasn't shown much enthusiasm about taking on the PM job in the past.

For years the Lord Chancellor has said numerous times to reporters and the public that he does not have any desire for David Cameron's job.

Yet here we are, on the day he shocked everyone by announcing his bid in the leadership race just hours before the deadline.

Here are a few of the times he said he does not want to be Prime Minister.

In an interview with Standpoint magazine in March 2012:

"I'm constitutionally incapable of it. There's a special extra quality you need that is indefinable, and I know I don't have it. There's an equanimity, an impermeability and a courage that you need. There are some things in life you know it's better not to try."

Talking to Sky News in August 2012:

"I don't want to be Prime Minister. Having seen close up how (David Cameron) does the job, I know I couldn't do it.

"If anyone wants to get me to sign a piece of parchment in my own blood saying that I don't want to be Prime Minister, if that's what it takes, then I'm perfectly happy to do that."

Talking on BBC radio in October 2012:

"There are lots of other folk, including in the cabinet, who could easily be Prime Minister. I'm not one of them. I could not be Prime Minister. I'm not equipped to be Prime Minister. I don't want to be Prime Minister."

Talking to an audience member during a Sky Debate in June 2016 (so less than one month ago):

"I can tell you I'm absolutely not. The one thing I can tell you is that there are lots of talented people who could be Prime Minister after David Cameron but count me out."

Oh Gove, what are you like.

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