This dating app could mend the hearts of lonely Remain voters

All is not lost, oh lonely ones. Single Europhiles devastated by last week's referendum result can heal their broken hearts with a new dating app exclusively targeted at Remain voters.

The app - dubbed Remainder - started off as a joke between "two ordinary voters" on Friday but has received a high volume of interest from voters hoping to avoid awkward dates with Brexiteers.

The founders are hoping to launch the app as soon as possible and use crowdfunding to raise funds for its development.

Remainder crowdfunding page

They set it up because Remainers seemed "depressed" with Facebook feeds turning into a "never-ending funeral service".

The website calls it the "dating and social app for the 48%" and is hoping to sign up 16,141,241 people -- the number of people who voted to Remain and may be feeling heartbroken.

A statement released by the team behind the app said: "We think everyone's entitled to their views and we know that there are many sensible, kind and intelligent Leave voters but our audience is 'Remainers' and we're trying to provide a little comfort for these heartbroken voters.

"We thought the best way of recovering must be to go out for a few drinks with someone who's in the same boat. After all, 'a problem shared is a problem halved', and what we never managed to give Brussels was our British sense of humour.

A man holding an EU flag kisses a woman
(Petros Giannakouris/AP)

"We don't have heaps of cash to throw at it, so we're just dependent on the goodwill of friends, friends of friends, and fellow Remainers."

Despite the team's enthusiasm, just £100 of a £5,000 target has been raised so far by the app's crowdfunding website.

The team behind is offering Remainers who sign up early the chance to attend exclusive events in London, Glasgow, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh.

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