'For heaven's sake man, go!' David Cameron calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign


In what could possibly be the most tense Prime Minister's Questions of the year, David Cameron called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign urging: "For heaven's sake man, go!"

Pressure on Corbyn to resign as Labour leader has continued to intensify as he battles fresh resignations from the front bench - including one MP appointed to the shadow cabinet just two days ago.

Jeremy Corbyn

As he faced the Prime Minister, Corbyn stated the result of the EU referendum was "a rejection of the status quo, a status quo which clearly isn't delivering".

He continued: "The Prime Minister has two months left. Will he leave a one nation legacy? Will that be the scrapping of bedroom tax, the banning of zero hour contracts and the cancelling of cuts to universal credit?"

Cameron didn't appear to take too well to the Labour leader's comment, responding: "To claim last week's result was about the state of the British economy is complete nonsense.

"I know the honourable gentleman says he put his back into it - I'd hate to see him when he's not trying!"

David Cameron

Despite the low blow, Corbyn continued to press Cameron - this time about child poverty. Claiming the number of children living in poverty across the country has increased by 200,000, Corbyn asked the Prime Minister if he planned on apologising to them and their families.

Cameron hit back with a few stats of his own, saying there were 300,000 fewer people in relative poverty than in 2010, and 500,000 fewer people in absolute poverty.

He added: "If he's looking for excuses about why the side he and I were on, about the referendum, frankly he should look somewhere else.

"And I have to say to the honourable gentleman, if he's talking about job insecurity, and my two months to go, it might be in my party's interest for him to sit there, but it's not in the national interest and I have to say, for heaven's sake man, go!"