Thousands of people are sharing stories of post-Brexit racial abuse online


Over 100 incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the British public voted for the UK to leave the European Union. Several incidents have involved perpetrators explicitly letting others know that they voted Leave, leading to concerns that the referendum verdict has caused a spike in open racism.

To document these shocking instances of racism and xenophobia, Sarah Childs started an album on Facebook, where she posted screenshots of racism found online. The album received such a significant response from friends, family and strangers that they started a Concerning Signs Facebook group, now over 11,900 members strong.

A quick glance over some of the group's most recent posts really does highlight how widespread of an issue post-Brexit racism is becoming.

So they were greeted some Eastern European ...

Sarah Childs | Facebook

Sarah Childs | Facebook

Unsure if others have seen this but yet... - Sara Buckle-Spears | Facebook

Tea Johnson - Spotted in Camberley/Frimley Surrey