Wait, did Dennis Skinner just flip the Vs at another MP in Parliament?


Labour MP Dennis Skinner is pretty well known for his loud and controversial remarks in the House of Commons.

But his latest outburst might be erring a little too far on the inappropriate side of endearing.

An ITV video feed in the Commons today appears to capture him flicking the V-sign at a former shadow cabinet member, as he sat down just after shaking Jeremy Corbyn's hand.

David Cameron, who announced he would resign as Prime Minister following the UK vote to leave the EU last week, addressed the House of Commons on Monday.

He mentioned the fact that, over the last day, at least 24 Labour members resigned from their positions amid claims that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed to adequately back the party's campaign to remain in the EU.

We can't say exactly what prompted Skinner's pretty sharp reaction to his colleague but, either way, perhaps he should check what cameras are on next time.