Twitter thinks Jeremy Corbyn's new shadow cabinet could just be 31 Jeremy Corbyns


The Labour party is in crisis, we don't seem to have a government and the economy is tanking - but don't worry, because Twitter is hilarious right now.

Since Hilary Benn was sacked in the middle of Saturday night, more than a dozen MPs have resigned from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.

With news of even more resignations still coming in, Twitter joked that Corbyn would soon have to form the official opposition alone.

Resigning MPs criticised Corbyn for a lacklustre referendum campaign, saying he could no longer be Labour leader.

Chris Bryant, former shadow leader of the House of Commons, wrote to Corbyn: "Your ambivalent attitude in the campaign was a betrayal of the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement and it has let down a whole generation of young people."

Awkwardly, Labour's only Scottish MP resigned as shadow Scottish secretary.

Corbyn's new shadow cabinet is being filled with allies - Labour's leader, shadow chancellor, foreign secretary and defence secretary now all back scrapping Trident.

Many of the new recruits to the shadow cabinet are enjoying swifter than usual job promotions in Parliament, having only become MPs in 2015.

But it seems like there are more resignations to come, and if the Labour leader runs out of MPs to replace them with, maybe we really will see a shadow cabinet full of Corbyns.