MPs and supporters gather in London's Parliament Square to back Jeremy Corbyn amid shadow cabinet resignations

Thousands of people have marched on London's Parliament Square to show support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after a string of resignations from key shadow cabinet members.

The "#KeepCorbyn, Build our movement" event was organised on Facebook by left-wing activist group Momentum, with over 9,000 people registering as interested or attending.

The event's details section reads: "The future is uncertain. We face a Tory Brexit, Cameron has resigned and we are likely to have a general election in the coming months with the potential of Britain lurching yet further to the right.

A small number of Labour MPs are using this as an opportunity to oust Jeremy, disrespect the Labour membership who elected him and disregard our movement for a new kind of politics."

Huge crowds were seen gathering at the event, reportedly chanting pro-Corbyn slogans.

Parliament Square looked full of protesters waving placards and banners.

Photos from the scene suggest that the turnout was so large, people also filled the surrounding streets.

Scheduled speakers at the event include MPs Angela Rayner, Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey and John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a raft of new members to his shadow cabinet following the resignations.

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