Watch Jeremy Corbyn defend himself from a heckler angry at the Brexit vote


Jeremy Corbyn came under fire from a heckler at a London Pride event on Saturday as the Labour leader made his first public appearance since the Brexit vote.

The heckler repeatedly demands Corbyn's resignation, as well as accusing him of failing to lead traditional Labour voters towards a Remain vote, during the minute-long video.

Corbyn's response to the rant was to say: "I did all I could".

The video was posted by Tom Mauchline, who is the man heckling Corbyn, saying: "It's your fault Jeremy, it's your fault. When are you resigning?

"I had a Polish friend in tears because you couldn't get the vote out in Wales, the north and the Midlands. You need to resign, you need to resign."

Corbyn's leadership has come under increasing focus after the Brexit vote with two backbench MPs, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, tabling a vote of no-confidence on Friday, citing his "lacklustre" campaigning ahead of Thursday's EU referendum.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Reports have suggested today's confrontation was staged by anti-Corbyn activists as they seek to undermine his position.

The Labour leader has promised to fight any challenge for his position and announced a review of immigration policy.