A rather bitter Go Fund Me page aims to 'buy up as much British land as possible' in response to Brexit


It seems that the countries Britain has upset recently stretches way beyond Europe as a Go Fund Me page has been set up with a view to "buy up as much British land as possible".

The scheme is called British Land Acquisition Project, or BLAP for short, and this is what they had to say on their page.

Pro-Leave supporters
(Kaname Muto/AP)

"Dear Britain,

Congratulations on your empowering decision to shut your borders and isolate from the rest of the world. As Indigenous people of lands invaded, exploited and forcibly colonised by your country, we express sincere regret that you didn't adopt this policy sooner. Like, in 1600.

Our peoples have suffered genocide at your hands. Murder, rape, incarceration and land theft are crimes with generational consequences. Today, across the world, the indigenous people of your violently seized colonial possessions suffer ongoing social disadvantage, economic hardship, isolation and abuse due to the actions you inflicted upon us. Well, you may be done with foreigners, Britain - but we are just getting started with you."

They appear to be still hurt by past historical events caused by Britain and planned to do this in return:

"We've decided that the most appropriate compensation for our ongoing displeasure, is the very land to which you yourselves have withdrawn.

Now, we don't wish to use the same methods which you subjected us to. We consider ourselves to be far more advanced and sophisticated for invade and conquer."

(Joe Giddens/PA)

They are encouraging people to give as much as they can, people affected by colonisation in particular, to help buy up British land, with a target of £80,000.

So where are they planning to buy first?

"We've got our eye on a lovely little starter farm in the West Midlands... which returned the highest vote for the Brexit."