7 campaigns that have emerged in the aftermath of the EU referendum result


A handful of campaigns have emerged in the aftermath of the EU referendum result - some more questionable than others.

While there's an overwhelming demand for a second EU referendum, there are also calls for June 24 to be marked as the day of UK independence.

1. A second EU referendum

(UK Government and Parliament/PA)

Over one million people have backed the campaign to hold another EU referendum.

The petition calls on the government to implement a rule in which, unless the winning vote racks up over a 60% majority based on a turnout no less than 75%, there should be a second vote.

FYI - Leave scraped a victory on Remain with a 51.9% majority to 48.1%.

2. Declare London independent from the UK and apply to join the EU


More than 120,000 people want to make London an independent state in order to regain EU status.

The petition calls on mayor Sadiq Khan to help the capital remain at the heart of Europe, by shrugging of the rest of the UK, reading: "Rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let's make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."

Out of the 33 boroughs in the capital, just five voted in favour of Leave

3. Offer European Citizenship to UK citizens


Thousands who voted Remain have campaigned to regain their EU citizenship.

They're calling on the EU and its member states to offer some sort of means for people in the UK to retain their European citizenship in order to stay part of a "great continental project".

The petition reads: "We are proud European citizens. We have supported and been supported by the EU for decades, and we fought to Remain in Europe. Please offer a way for us to stay."

4. Hold another EU Referendum allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote


The younger generation made no secret of its desire to be involved in the EU referendum, with over 5,500 people in support of giving 16 and 17-year-olds a vote.

The petition pleads with the government to let teens' voices be heard and asks it hold another referendum, this time giving them the opportunity to vote.

73% of 18 to 24-year-olds voted to Remain in the EU referendum, and shortly after the results were announced, many teens shared their dismay at being denied their say in such a monumental decision.

5. Brighton & Hove Independence Referendum


London isn't the only city seeking independence from the UK. hundreds in Brighton and Hove want to be declared an independent state and remain part of the EU.

The campaigns explains: "We have emphatically stated our intention and desire to remain part of the EU. We call upon all of our citizens and our local government to hold a referendum to declare ourselves independent of the United Kingdom so that we can choose our own path."

68% of voters in Brighton and Hove chose to remain a part of the EU.

6. Create an independent regulator to ensure truth in political advertising


Thousands of disgruntled voters have backed a campaign to ban "misleading" political adverts used to sway voters.

The campaign came hot on the heels of Nigel Farage's admission it was a "mistake" to promise £350 million a week would be injected into the NHS if the UK was to leave the EU - despite the pledge being a major driving force for the Leave campaign.

The campaign states: "In the commercial world the Advertising Standards Agency has the power to ban or change misleading adverts. There is no such thing for political adverts, yet these shape our world much more strongly than a decision about which ice cream we buy."

7. Mark June 24th as Independence Day


Hundreds (seemingly content with the outcome of the EU referendum) have petitioned to mark June 24 as a UK Independence Day.

The campaign declared the day a day of national liberation and urged the country to celebrate the date it took back control of its democracy.

Farage offered a similar notion, calling for June 23 - the day the country cast their votes in the EU referendum - to be declared a bank holiday.