This Welsh flag maker has seen a surprising rise in sales after Brexit news


A flag maker found himself in a bit of a flap thanks to a massive rush for EU flags just hours after Britain voted for Brexit.

Charles Ashburner, who runs Swansea-based MrFlag.Com, sold out of all the 12 starred standards he had in stock before close of business on Friday.

Vexillologist Ashburner, 47, said the 40 plus sales came from mostly Remain supporters and students.

He added: "Between opening this morning and mid-afternoon we sold out of all the EU flags we had in stock.

"It was something we hadn't anticipated, and we'd probably have sold more if we'd had more here.

"One customer hinted he was going to burn his flag.

"I assumed at the time he was joking but I warned him about the dangers of waving burning polyester flags and their molten droplets, in any case."