Google reveals top UK questions searched since the EU referendum results, and some may surprise you


Google has revealed the top UK questions typed into its search bar since the EU referendum results were officially announced on Friday morning.

While the top question posed was the perfectly understandable "What does it mean to leave the EU?" the others were a little more surprising...

"What is the EU?" was the second most popular answer sought in light of the Leave victory, proving many across the country weren't as clued up about the European Union as we may like to assume.

Inquisitive searchers also showed interest in learning more about the countries the UK is leaving behind in the EU, as well as the ramifications of the decision.

Meanwhile the top question posed by the UK to Google regarding David Cameron was "Who will replace David Cameron?", after the Prime Minister announced he will stand down from his position in October.

People across the nation also demanded answers as to why Cameron called an EU referendum in the first place, as well as the reason behind his resignation and, weirdly, his age.