5 of the most tragic ballot paper mishaps

You might have thought voting in the referendum was easy-peasy. What's difficult about putting an "X" in a box?

But it seems you'd be wrong. Well, when it comes to these people anyway...

Here's just how confused some people got at polling stations around the UK.

1. An astonishing number voted for both Leave and Remain. For real.

2. Someone in Dunbartonshire resorted to drawing genitals.

But did the vote go to Remain or Leave?! We need to know!

Phew. We can rest easy now we know the result of the penis vote.

3. These people got confused about what needs to be included on ballot papers.

There are no words.

4. Perhaps the most tragic voting mishap of all though is, well, a lack of an actual vote.

5. In general, the EU referendum has just caused a whole lot of confusion.

To be fair to this tweeter, a lot of people were probably left wondering if they had made this mishap ... these polling stations are a high-pressure situation.

Oh dear.

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