Watch Leave camp go crazy as they celebrate their big victory in Sunderland


Delighted Leave supporters managed to drown out the regional counting officer in Sunderland as she announced their big win in the city.

They hugged and cheered as Sue Stanhope made the announcement at the tennis centre in Silksworth, where the count had been conducted with the usual efficiency.

From the 134,400 votes cast, Leave received 82,394 while Remain polled 51,930.

A Remain-supporting Labour source had conceded defeat half an hour before, saying they expected Leave to win by a "comfortable margin".

Whether the source predicted that comfortable margin would stretch to the eventual majority of more than 30,000 was debatable.

ballot papers
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

But there was better news for Remain in Newcastle, where they narrowly won.

Sunderland prides itself on running a slick operation to count votes, and its three constituencies were the first to declare at the last general election. The city uses students to run the ballot boxes to the tables of counters, many of whom are bank tellers used to quickly handling cash.

There was a real variety of reactions to the result on Twitter, of course.

Although no reaction topped this one from Lindsay Lohan...

Yeah, we're a bit confused by her tweets, too.