Things get nasty as Ed Miliband is branded a 'tosspot' - by a Labour MP


Tension is hotting up over the incoming EU referendum results and things are starting to get personal.

Etiquette went out of the window as a senior Labour MP suggested that he might punch the party's former leader - and "tosspot" - Ed Miliband over the state he has left the party in.

Oh, and he made the comment during a live TV interview shown to the Stronger In party.

He actually said to guests: "I might go and punch him because he's a tosspot and he left the party in the state it's in."

The comment underlines the bitter divisions that continue to divide the party. As polls closed on Thursday, calls for Jeremy Corbyn to step down appeared to resurface, but Miliband gave his successor his backing.

While Corbyn has has faced criticism for not being enthusiastic or visible enough during Labour's In campaign, Miliband suggested his stance chimed with the "reluctant Remain" view of the British people.

There have been calls for Corbyn to step down over the EU debate.
There have been calls for Corbyn to step down over the EU debate (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

But unrest within the party doesn't end there, with Labour former minister Ian Lucas warning that it needs a "big change in its approach".

He tweeted: "Very pleased Referendum campaign over. Whatever the result, Labour needs a big change in its approach."

And former Labour minister Kate Hoey told Sky News: "We will find thousands and thousands of Labour supporters abandoning the Labour view on this because we've known for a long time, being out there, that Labour supporters, the Labour Party view on this, is out of step with Labour supporters and ex-Labour supporters, who I'm afraid we'll probably find will not come back to us after the way the leadership have fought this campaign of staying in."

Miliband reckons a Remain vote would be a
Miliband reckons a Remain vote would be a "reluctant" one (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Miliband, who has been the subject of consistent speculation that he may join Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet, told ITV News: "This has been a very Tory campaign in a number of senses.

"Essentially we've seen the sort of Tory Party nervous breakdown that has been gathering steam for 30 years played out over the last three months in a very extreme way, and that has inevitably got the attention.

"If it is Remain I think it will be reluctant Remain, and I think in that sense he sort of speaks to at least a bit of where people are on this."