Tempers flare as torrential rain strands commuters in London


London hasn't been the sunniest of locations lately, but TBH we don't usually mind a little bit of rain. Even though it's JUNE. JUNE! Buck your ideas up, England.

However, tempers flared when rail services were disrupted by torrential rain. Several Tube sations were closed, while those travelling on rail networks experienced delays or cancellations.

This was the scene at Waterloo:

Overcrowding wasn't the only issue either - rain reportedly poured in from several spots around the station.

Here's Victoria:

Not enough for you? How about a little taste of Charing Cross?

Some voiced concern that they might miss out on their chance to vote because of the disastrous disruptions to travel.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman apologised to those whose journeys had been affected.

"A small number of our stations have been closed or part-closed due to flooding, caused by the heavy rain," said the spokesman.

"We're working to clear the water as quickly as possible so that services can return to normal.

"Passengers are advised to check the TfL website and our social media feeds for the latest information."