Teens hijak #iVoted hashtag in defiance at not being able to vote

Teenagers unable to vote have taken to twitter to vent their frustration.

The #iVoted hashtag has been trending as Brits take to the ballot box to vote on whether we should remain part of the European Union.

Frustrated 16 and 17-years-olds hijacked the hashtag to share their opinions on not being allowed to vote.

The exclusion of teens was part of usual electoral procedure, as the current minimum voting age is 18.

There was hope that younger people might be able to vote this time: the voting age was temporarily lowered from 18 years of age to 16 in Scotland for the independence referendum in 2014.

But a House of Lords amendment to the European Union Referendum Bill that would have lowered the voting age for today's referendum to 16 was rejected by the House of Commons 303 votes to 253.

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