Just some genius ways people used to stay awake to see the referendum results come in

We imagine many people attempting to wait up and see all the votes coming in for the EU referendum started to look a little something like this by 3am...

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But at least some intrepid referendum addicts were trying to come up with ways to keep their eyelids from dropping...

(Warning: we don't necessarily recommend trying to do all these things at once. That could get messy).

Referendum parties are a thing.

If it's good enough for Made in Chelsea's Toff, it's good enough for us.

Downing some coffee, obvs.

Combine coffee with sugar and shouting at TV, and you've surely got a foolproof plan for staying awake.

You could always get your own leader board going.

The coverage on TV is a little confusing at times...no reason why you can't have you own Eurovision-style leader board going on. And that has surely got to keep you awake...

Enlist the help of a klaxon.

A klaxon is perhaps a little extreme...sure an alarm will do just fine.

Um, did we say pizza already?

Pizza is everything.

And these genius tweets got us thinking of our own ideas...

EU-themed drinking games could work.

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OK, yeah, you need some rules. What about "take a shot every time they say the word Europe?" There might be some hangovers in the morning...

Have a 30-second dance party if all else fails.

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Go on. Put on a really ridiculous song (but maybe try to not wake your neighbours up) and shake it out.

What a great excuse for a midnight feast.

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It doesn't matter if it's well after midnight, and your parents did always say eating sugar would keep you awake...

Just, you know, try to save some for throughout the night.

Binge-watch OITNB in between results coming in.

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Because why not? No reason why Netflix and chill can't assist in referendum watch.

Well, here's hoping these tips work...*downs 5th cup of coffee* *searches for anything sugary* *pins eyelids open*

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