Here's everything you might have missed from polling day


So, the polling stations finally shut their doors, leaving people facing the difficult decision of whether to try and stay awake for the nail-biting finish or just face the result of the EU referendum in the morning.

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But if you're freaking out that 'Referendum Day' just flew by and you're not entirely sure of everything that happened, we're here to help - from cute pups to the tweet about Keith's Mum (HOW have you missed that?!) to some, quite frankly, genius hashtagging.

Appalling weather

It turned out to be a bit of a mission for people to even get to the polls.

polling station
That is a lot of water right there (Nick Ansell/PA)

And tempers flared as commuters were stuck at Waterloo and left worried they wouldn't make it back home in time to vote.

waterloo station
(Carey Tompsett/PA)

Just be glad you weren't this guy...

cyclist in floodwater
(Nick Ansell/PA)

Dogs at polling stations

Yep, don't worry, everyone's favourite hashtag for polling day was back.

Meet some of this year's best entries for #dogsatpollingstations.

Oh, and ICYMI, the EU referendum voting also featured a #catsatpollingstations.

Keith's Mum

This tweet led to the hashtag #KeithsMum trending in the UK.

Although you should know that many people aren't entirely convinced this Mum exists, saying that blind voters use braille. Hmmmmm...

Teens hijack #iVoted hashtag

Frustrated 16 and 17-years-olds decided to use the hashtag to share their opinions on not being allowed to vote. Seriously, they were annoyed.

Nigel Farage's potential new career

Nigel Farage
(Gareth Fuller/PA)

The Ukip party leader ended a day of polling stations saying that he believes Britain has voted to remain in the European Union, on the basis of exit polls conducted by friends in the City.

So, of course, #SuggestAJobForFarage started trending. Cue absolute hilarity.