These photos of Boris Johnson kissing a fish will brighten up your Wednesday morning


In a last-ditch attempt to get voters on board with Brexit, Boris Johnson is going on a whirlwind tour of the UK. And how did he kick his tour off? By kissing a fish, of course.

We've had politicians chasing one another up the Thames, #CatsAgainstBrexit, this terrifying Brexit song and now BoJo is getting saucy with a salmon. It's been a weird few months.

Boris Johnson (left) holds a wild salmon at Billingsgate Fish Market in London
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

The close encounter took place at Billingsgate Fish Market, where the senior Tory urged voters to "believe in our country" and leave the European Union.

The former London mayor said: "I think it's been a fantastic campaign.

Boris Johnson looking at a fish
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He said: "Obviously we are coming to the final 24 hours. This is a crucial time, lots of people will be making up their minds, and I hope very much they will believe in our country, believe in what we can do. It's time to have a totally new relationship with our friends and partners across the Channel.

"It's time to speak up for democracy, and hundreds of millions of people around Europe agree with us. It's time to break away from the failing and dysfunctional EU system."

Boris Johnson (left) kisses a wild salmon
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

During his tour of the market, Johnson shook hands and posed for selfies with traders who backed his stance on Brexit - partly in protest at the EU's Common Fisheries Policy.

Johnson posed with a salmon offered by fish porter Greg Essex during the tour of the market. As photographers urged him to kiss the fish, Mr Johnson said that he had once "kissed a crocodile in Australia".

Boris Johnson holding a salmon
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

With tomorrow's vote a potentially defining moment for his political career - and that of David Cameron's - Johnson insisted "the choice is more important than individual politicians".

So how are people feeling about fish kiss scenario?

Brace yourself for several more slippery fish puns coming in the near future.