You need to see the pictures of people celebrating this year's summer solstice at Stonehenge

It's that time of year again - thousands of people have celebrated the sun rising over Stonehenge for the summer solstice.

Approximately 12,000 people attended the Wiltshire monument to witness the stunning sunrise at 4.52am. Which sounds like a lot of people - but the figure was down on the 25,000 expected and the 23,000 who descended on the site last year.

Wiltshire Police described events at Stonehenge and at the stone circle in nearby Avebury as "positive and peaceful". Here's how people celebrated throughout the night and into the morning:

performer spinning a light
A poi performer spins light balls, as you do (Andrew Matthews/PA)

stonehenge sunrise
Just look at those colours *heart eyes emoji* (Andrew Matthews/PA)

There were flower head crowns aplenty... (Andrew Matthews/PA)

revellers wearing cloaks
And there were plenty of cloaks around too (Andrew Matthews/PA)

people sit and watch the sunrise
Crowds witness dawn breaking (Andrew Matthews/PA)

members of the public touch the heel stone
Members of the public deep in thought as they touch the Heel Stone (Andrew Matthews/PA)

people doing yoga at stonehenge
A little spot of morning yoga (Andrew Matthews/PA)

people at stonehenge with their guitars
Don't blame him for having a snooze really, do you? (Andrew Matthews/PA)

This year's summer solstice was even more special, thanks to the very unusual strawberry moon - a full moon which marks the start of the strawberry season. FYI, it hasn't coincided with the summer solstice for almost 50 years.

strawberry moon over London
The stunning strawberry moon over London (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Until next year...

revellers walk back to the car park
People head back to the car park at Stonehenge (Andrew Matthews/PA)

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