Victoria Beckham blasts the Leave.EU campaign for misrepresenting comments made 20 years ago


Victoria Beckham has attacked the Leave.EU campaign for a tweet implying she supports leaving the European Union.

Leave.EU posted the tweet shortly after David Beckham released a statement in support of the Remain campaign, saying he "Should've listened to the missus".

The tweet included a photo of Victoria with a quote from a 1996 interview she gave with the Spice Girls to The Spectator Magazine.

Her comments were in answer to a question about joining the single currency.

The spice girls in 2012, left to right, Mel B, Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and ictoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham with the Spice Girls in 2012 (Ian West/PA)

In her rebuttal on Instagram, which accompanied a picture of the Stronger In logo, Victoria said: "In response to the campaign who have today tried to put a spin on quotes made 20 years ago about keeping or losing the pound, I have to say strongly my comments were not about this referendum and should not be misused in this way!"

She went on to leave us in no doubt as to her allegiance, stating:

"I believe in my country, I believe in a future for my children where we are stronger together and I support the #remain campaign."

The sentiment echoed her husband's comments earlier today, which included the statement: "We live in a vibrant and connected world where together as a people we are strong. For our children and their children, we should be facing the problems of the world together and not alone."