Too many children: Ukip's latest referendum poster takes on school places

Ukip has just revealed a new poster ahead of the referendum on Thursday.

Their new billboard is headlined "The school over-run", after which is added: "Last year, nearly one in four primary schools were full or oversubscribed."

It finishes with the claim that the EU has "failed us all", with a message to voters to "take back control of our borders".

The poster was revealed by Nigel Farage on the campaign trail in Clacton, Essex, this afternoon and publicised on Twitter shortly after.

So far, the reaction has been negative yet muted...

... compared to the last poster they released

Nigel Farage stands in front of a campaign poster showing migrants queuing at a border post  (Philip Toscano/PA)
Ukip's 'Breaking Point' poster was widely criticised (Philip Toscano/PA)

Hopes have been expressed that campaigning will be toned down ahead of Thursday's poll following the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox in her Batley and Spen constituency last Thursday.

Asked if he had toned down the most recent poster, Farage said: "No. We had six posters to unveil over the week.

"The first one was about the EU, which you saw, which some people didn't like - all the rest of them were about this country."

Reminded of Pro-Remain Chancellor George Osborne's suggestion that the last poster had echoes of Nazi propaganda from the 1930s, Farage said: "It's an utterly disgusting attempt to do that.

"I wonder what George Osborne's got to say about the Operation Black Vote poster that showed a skinhead thug menacing an elderly Asian lady.

"Nothing was said about that."

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