EU referendum: It's Brexit!

Debate over Brexit

So there we have it. UK voters have decided to leave the European Union in the face of what leading Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove dubbed Project Fear - the campaign led by David Cameron and George Osborne to keep Britain in the EU.

The implications of walking away from the other 27 EU states are still not clear. Nor is it known whether Mr Cameron can remain Prime Minister during negotiations for disentanglement. He had previously stated he would stay on in the event of a Brexit - but opponents insisted this would not be possible.

Campaigning on both sides has been brutal, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's positive spin on EU membership drowned out by headlines from opposite ends of the Tory party, each accusing the other of making false claims during the campaign.

In the short-term, an economic crisis is expected... but looking ahead, pro-Leave campaigners are expecting curbs on immigration and more money to invest in the NHS.

- EU referendum on The Huffington Post