Premier League boss says top clubs support staying in European Union


One of British football's most senior figures has pledged his support and the backing of every Premier League club to remaining in Europe.

Richard Scudamore, the executive chairman of the Premier League, said Britain risked losing respect across the globe if it left the EU.

He said: "We would just be, I think, respected less around the world for not wanting to be part of something."

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore
Richard Scudamore (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Scudamore acknowledged the challenges of the "European machine" but added: "Ultimately you can't break away, you can't just pull out, you have to get in and negotiate and try and organise and try and influence."

All 20 clubs which currently compete in football's top tier are also in support of staying in Europe, Scudamore said.

The Premier League generated £3.3bn of revenue last season, according to a review by Deloitte, and boasts worldwide television contracts worth £8.3bn.

The Leave camp said Brexit could shore up more funds to be invested in grassroots sports.