'See you back on Earth!': Tim Peake's final tweets from space

Tim Peake has kept us updated about his every movement aboard the International Space Station (ISS) over the last 186 days on social media - including his historic space walk, his London Marathon run on a treadmill, his science experiments and, not to mention, his stunning pictures of Earth.

Just before he left, Peake managed to squeeze in yet another breathtaking space photo.

And, as he orbited above the Grand Canyon, Peake took this incredible aerial photo of the landmark - showing Lake Powell and Lake Mead.

He also posted a photo with Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams. Peake is a former British Army Air Corps officer while Kopra is a Colonel in the United States Army. Williams is a retired United States Army officer.

The British astronaut performed his final experiment aboard the ISS. He drew blood for the last time - as part of the more than 250 experiments he performed in space. Peake's blood samples are stored on the space station and will return on a Space X vehicle at some point in the future.

As the world anxiously waits for his safe return, Peake also gave us a view of the Soyuz TMA M-19 from space - which is his ride home.

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