Poll carried out after death of Jo Cox MP puts Remain camp ahead

Remain has opened up a three-point lead in the EU referendum in the wake of the killing of the Labour MP Jo Cox, according to a new opinion poll.

The Survation poll for The Mail On Sunday - carried out on Friday and Saturday following the death of Cox - puts remain on 45% with Leave on 42%.

The findings reverse the result of a Survation poll on Thursday which had Leave ahead on 45% and Remain on 42%.

Tributes for Jo Cox
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Earlier, a clutch of polls conducted either partially or fully before campaigning was suspended following the death of Mrs Cox on Thursday, continued to present a mixed picture.

Opinium for The Observer puts the two sides level pegging on 44% - with Leave up two points on last week while Remain was unchanged.

Vote Leave and Britain Stronger In Europe supporters in Ipswich
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A UK-wide BMG telephone poll for The Herald put Remain ahead on 46% with Leave on 43%, and 11% undecided or unwilling to say.

By using a series of questions to calculate the likely voting intention of people who say that they will vote but have yet to decide or do not want to say, BMG put the Remain camp ahead on 53% compared to 47%.

David Cameron drinking from an I'm In mug
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Meanwhile a ComRes Poll for The Sunday People and The Independent suggests voters are more enthusiastic about leaving the EU than staying, with 44% saying they would be "delighted" with an Out vote compared to just 28% who would feel that way about In.

Survation interviewed 1,001 adults by telephone on June 17 and 18. Opinium interviewed 2,006 UK adults online between June 14 and 17. ComRes interviewed 2,046 GB adults online between June 15 and 16. BMG interviewed 1,043 UK residents aged 18 and over by telephone between June 10 and 15.

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