It's official: tea first, then milk


It's the question that's plagued generations: Does the tea go first, or the milk?

Well the answer is here: Not only do 79% of Brits think the tea goes first in a cuppa, a fifth of Brits surveyed said putting milk first is "disgusting".

Barclaycard's study of 1,198 Brits also found that up to £63 billion a year is spent on afternoon tea, and the nation's favourite cake is carrot cake, pushing the traditional Victoria sponge into second place.

The majority of Brits surveyed spent more per month on afternoon tea than fry-ups, gym membership, or going to the theatre, but more worrying was the 18% who spent more on the special treat than their monthly supermarket shop.

The survey was held as part of The Barclaycard Great British Shopping Showdown, and coincides with the company's 50th anniversary.

To celebrate their birthday month of June, a new "eTEAquette menu" has been unveiled, which is available to try at Marriott Hotel, West India Quay, London, Lemon Jelli Cafe Bar Bistro, Devon and Jameson's Cafe & Tea Rooms, Sheffield and Leeds.