Britain First says Jo Cox murder 'has nothing to do with us' amid reports that attacker shouted party name


Britain First leader Paul Golding has denied that his party had any involvement in the murder of Jo Cox, while admitting that the attacker could have shouted "putting Britain first" or a similar slogan during his assault.

Labour MP Jo Cox died after being shot and stabbed in the street outside her constituency advice surgery.

The mother-of-two was attacked by a man reportedly shouting "Britain first" at lunchtime in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

But Britain First's leader has released a video denying any involvement.


Golding said: "We are nothing to do with it. We would not condone actions like that. We carry out protests and we stand in elections - I recently stood in the London election and received over 100,000 votes, so that's the kind of political activities that we carry out.

"Yes we do direct actions sometimes, we invaded a halal slaughterhouse because we disagree with halal slaughter, but this kind of thing is disgusting, it's an outrage.

"There's no evidence whatsoever that 'Britain First' was shouted, or 'putting British people first'."

He added that "putting British people first" was not a slogan exclusively used by Britain First.

Earlier this week, Britain First hosted an activist training camp in Showdonia, which saw participants trained in "self defence training".


Golding claimed that the media have "an axe to grind" and are "trying to somehow incriminate a perfectly legal political party".