Leave and Remain battle 16th century style: sailing down the Thames

The fight for Brexit took a bizarre twist as a fishing flotilla sailed down the Thames.

In an EU referendum campaign stunt, a flotilla of boats supporting
(Matt Dunham/AP)

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was on board one of the boats, organised by Fishing for Leave, whilst Remainers such as rock star Bob Geldof hopped aboard their own boats.

Awkwardly for former London mayor Boris Johnson, his own sister Rachel Johnson joined Geldof on a Remain boat.

It looked like a rubbish re-enactment of the Spanish Armada, except the fire ships were replaced with water pistols.

As expected, social media went into overdrive, with Twitter users finding some amusing things to say about one of the biggest political decisions of our generation being reduced to a flotilla on the Thames.

Fishing for Leave organised the boats to leave the Kent port of Ramsgate, arriving at Westminster during Prime Minister's Questions.

The journey wasn't all plain sailing though: the height of the boats meant that Tower Bridge had to be opened, causing traffic delays for motorists.

A pro-Remain inflatable dinghy sails alongside a Fishing for Leave pro-Brexit
(Stefan Wermuth/PA)

Farage said it was a serious political event, designed to highlight the plight of those working in the fishing industry.

He told the BBC: "They are here today, they have taken - some of them - several days out of their working week to come and make their protest, to say 'look, we want to take back control of our seas, we want to get jobs back in this industry'"

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