Five-year football banning order for English Marseille hooligan


A 24-year-old hooligan has been handed a five-year football banning order for his involvement in violent disorder ahead of England's opening Euro 2016 match against Russia.

Daniel Warlow, of Spring Meadow, Tipton, West Midlands, did not contest the application by the Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of West Midlands Police on Tuesday.

Prosecuting, Amar Sanghara, said a police "spotter" in the UK saw coverage of violence in Marseille on Friday June 10, and saw video showing Birmingham City supporter Warlow "throwing a chair".

In sentencing, district judge Shamim Qureshi told him: "I'm not going to give you a lecture, I think you've learned from experience of the last week how things can go terribly wrong in society."

French police use tear gas against England supporters
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The judge added Warlow would be "vilified" for his behaviour but warned other England fans caught up in the trouble they would also get their "just desserts" upon return.

Judge Qureshi said: "It's important to realise that I expect you're the first person subject to this application in this country, so you'll no doubt be vilified for that on social media and the internet.

"But there are many others in the same boat - you are not a scapegoat.

"Each will receive their just desserts when brought to book."

French riot police move in to arrest Russian fans
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The court heard that Blues' supporter Warlow was known to police as a member of a "risk group" of Birmingham City supporters, himself involved in at least nine incidents of domestic football disorder since 2010.

Because of his status on the police watch list, Warlow and two other males were stopped and spoken to by officers at Birmingham Airport on June 9.

The group flew on to Brussels, and then Marseille, having told British police they would be stopping in the city.