'Multiple injuries' after shooting at gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida


Police in southern Florida are responding to a shooting at a gay nightclub in which several people are reported to have been injured.

A post on Orlando Police's official Twitter account early on Sunday morning said "multiple injuries" have been reported following the incident at the Pulse Orlando nightclub near Orange and Kaley Avenue. The department also advises people to "stay away from area".

Multiple emergency vehicles have reportedly responded, including the Orlando Fire Department's bomb squad and hazardous material team.

A controlled explosion took place inside the club, as confirmed by Orlando Police's Twitter.

Local media on the scene say that police blocked off surrounding streets, but it's unclear whether the shooter is still inside the club.

An eye witness who managed to crawl out of the club unscathed reported hearing "the continuous bang of the gun" and recalls seeing the man standing next to him shot.

"The guy next to me was shot I and I saw what I thought may have been liquid, but it was blood. When I turned around to look, I saw everyone falling and dropping," the eyewitness said.

"It was very scary, very emotional. I didn't expect to go out to a bar to let go of the week's stress and to end it with emotional chaos. When I was younger."

"You think you hear a song and it's music, and then you realist that it's not, it's real life and there's someone shooting."

Pulse Orlando earlier posted a chilling note to its own Facebook page.

screenshot from facebook

Some reports in social media allude that the suspect had a bomb strapped to his body, although this has not yet been confirmed by local media or police.