England fans in Marseille violence on eve of Euro 2016

plice patrols with dogs in Marseille

Two English football fans have been arrested after French police used tear gas to disperse an apparent clash with locals in Marseille ahead of the first games in Euro 2016.

One England supporter suffered a head injury in the brawl after being hit across the face with a wooden chair.

Gendarmes clad in riot gear and accompanied by dogs were deployed on the streets of the southern city after trouble flared outside a pub shortly before midnight on Thursday.

Police said one of the fans was arrested for assaulting a barman and the other for violent disorder. According to reports local "ultras" descended on the pub, but this has not been confirmed.

Supporters have travelled to Marseille ahead of England's game with Russia on Saturday. The clash took place outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port district after English fans set up camp there.

This morning the only evidence of the incident was a few tear gas canisters lying on the floor alongside dozens of plastic cups.

Ambulances were seen arriving after police carrying riot shields moved in to separate the two groups and tear gas was used to clear the area.

Footage of the incident showed men hurling chairs, a brutal fist fight outside a McDonald's and chanting England fans surrounded by police officers with dogs.

A clip posted on Twitter apparently showed the aftermath of the disorder as shop workers swept a street strewn with broken glass.

According to reports some England fans were heard chanting: "Isis, where are you?"

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