Twitter goes crazy as Leave campaigners repeat same three words over and over

If you missed Thursday night's EU referendum debate on ITV then the Leave campaign's argument was best summed up in three words.

Take. Back. Control.

Boris Johnson opened the debate and within the first 30 seconds he had uttered the phrase.

Fellow Leave campaigners Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom and Labour's Gisela Stuart, who stood alongside him in the two-hour debate, soon took up the mantle and after barely 20 minutes of debate Twitter had got the message loud and clear.

EU referendum bingo anyone?

It was relentless.

Even if people got sick of the phrase it did at least stick in the minds of viewers.

Both sides have been looking to try to cut through the fog of claim and counter-claim that has dogged the whole debate so far, and imprint their argument on voters ahead of the June 23 ballot.

The Remain team was made up of an all-female trio of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd and shadow business secretary Angela Eagle.

They were also not immune to peeling off some oft-heard lines in this debate - taking Johnson to task over 'that' £350 million figure.

They also didn't mind suggesting Johnson's motives for the debate centred on his own ambitions for the Prime Minister's job.

Johnson was hardly a sitting duck though and fired back at Sturgeon.

One of the key debates in the programme centred on the fact that Sturgeon was calling for the UK to remain in the EU, two years after she spearheaded the 'leave' campaign in Scotland's independence vote.

Sturgeon held her own though and when a member of the studio audience asked the debaters what sovereignty meant to them, she made a point that resonated.

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