Watch David Vujanic debate Katie Hopkins on immigration ahead of the EU Referendum


The EU debate has largely, if not completely, been dominated by the likes of Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Michael Gove and George Osborne. The endless back and forth, most of which has been trying to induce fear, has made it difficult for some people to make their mind up.

But over the weekend, Bite The Ballot offered something different - inviting a range of different people to share their opinions on the EU and discuss the issues they feel are important. Among them were David Vujanic and Katie Hopkins.

"I came here as an asylum seeker, got in, did alright, stole some jobs as Katie would say," said Vuj, as he used his own experiences to take on Hopkins' stance on immigration. The exchange starts around the 6:40 mark.

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Vuj said: "I'm glad that I made it here. I mean we all know that migration isn't the key here and that money is the key.

"If people read more they'd know it's all about money.

"People like Katie themselves, it's about power staying in their hands they don't want the change they never will want the change."

"He is wrong. I'm glad he's here and I'm glad he got in." Hopkins responded.

"I would have a points-based immigration system so that the skills we need are the people we attract. We had net migration of 330,000 people in December, the highest ever.

"It's absolutely too many people, you may feel differently here in London, but if you went to different towns and cities around the country some people feel very much that their country is changing beyond all belief."

Vujanic said: "The reason that happens is because people like you in the media writing all those lies, and people fall for it."

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