5 things we learned about the EU referendum today


As the deadline for registering to vote closes in, here's what we learned on Monday.

1. Cheggers is for Out!

Keith Chegwin is keen to Leave (Jonathan Brady/PA)
Keith Chegwin is keen to Leave, and then come back in (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Finally, the one they've all been waiting for - Keith Chegwin has declared for Brexit. Somewhat bafflingly the former Multi-Coloured Swap Shopper told the mFortune bingo website that he actually wanted In, but with a new set of rules.

"I think it's always better to shut the door, then open it again and agree better terms," he explained.

Given one of his TV appearances was a stint presenting Channel 5´s Naked Jungle wearing nothing but a hat, some may suggest this is more bare-faced cheek.

2. The brothers are in trouble with the sisterhood

Pro-Remain union boss Tim Roache found himself in hot water after taking a pot shot at Brexiteer employment minister Priti Patel.

"Surely a contradiction in a name," he told the GMB's annual conference in Bournemouth, prompting howls of outrage and accusations of sexism. The union man insisted he was simply referring to her political views. However Britain Stronger In Europe was not amused.

"This kind of personal attack has no place in this campaign," a spokesman said.

3. Boris Johnson will be surrounded by women

Julie Etchingham will moderate the ITV debate (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Julie Etchingham will moderate the ITV debate (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Drum roll as ITV unveils the details of its big set-piece debate - to reveal the blond bombshell will be the only male on the panel.

Opposing him on the Remain side will be the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon, Tory Energy Secretary Amber Rudd and Labour's Angela Eagle, while he will be supported by fellow Brexiteers Gisela Stuart and Andrea Leadsom. Even moderator Julie Etchingham is female. Vote Leave must be praying their star man can behave himself for two hours.

4. Natalie Bennett covets a new bicycle

Remain's touching show of cross-party unity at The Oval was celebrated with the appearance of three Minis sprayed in the colours of the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems - blue, red and yellow respectively - plus a suitably painted Brompton bicycle for the ever eco-aware Greens.

"We are demonstrating that the Green Party does have different arguments," joked Bennett, who stands down as party leader in the summer. "It has been suggested that since I'm not going to be standing for Green Party leader I could probably ride off with that one."

5. Boris has clean hands

Boris Johnson as he tours the DCS Group, Stratford-upon-Avon, while on the EU referendum campaign tour.
Boris Johnson tours the DCS Group in Statford (Andrew Parsons/PA)

The former London mayor used a visit to a hand wash production line in Stratford-upon-Avon to (soap) dish out some puns that were even weaker than the pound after Brexit took a shock poll lead. "No one can say that we are not running the cleanest campaign," he said. "I think it's time we washed those unelected bureaucrats right out of our hair."

Diplomacy, however, may not be his strong suit. When told one of the factory's hand sanitiser products could not be exported to Saudi Arabia because it contained alcohol, a bemused looking Johnson asked: "Why? In case people drink it?"