UK needs 'business settlement that benefits all', Jeremy Corbyn says

Workplaces in the UK have become some of the most unequal of any modern economy, according to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He told a union conference that the next Labour government would tackle the issue by extending employment and union rights and by increasing the living wage.

Mr Corbyn has launched a Workplace 2020 programme to look at what rights would be needed in future years, he said at the GMB annual conference in Bournemouth.

"We start at David Cameron's agency Britain, with zero hour contracts and a race to the bottom on jobs, pay and rights.

"We want full employment, with decent pay and a voice for workers through collective bargaining. We need a new business settlement, one that benefits all and breaks with the low pay, low productivity of Tory Britain," he said.

Mr Corbyn said the growth in technology had led to inequality, with massive wealth at the top and low pay at the bottom.

"Technology should be an opportunity to share wealth more fairly, rather than following the path of the Conservatives' economy where the next generation will have less than the current one." 

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