Watch the moment a man makes a desperate dive at the murderer who killed his daughter


"You've touched our family, you've taken my child," said Van Terry, the father of 18-year-old murder victim Shirellda Terry, when reading a statement to the court about his daughter's life and ugly death.

He was addressing his daughter's killer directly and, when he looked towards him, he saw Michael Madison grin. That was enough to make Van Terry bolt from the podium and dive across a courtroom table, grabbing at the serial killer's neck and face. Others scrambled to get out of the way, and eventually the trial continued once Van Terry was taken from the courtroom.

Madison was sentenced to death row for the three murders he committed between October 2012 and July 2013, luring back to his apartment in Cleveland and strangling 18-year-old Terry, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 38-year-old Angela Deskins.

The trial took two months to complete, but had been delayed for years with Madison undergoing multiple psychological examinations.

Michael Madison smiles following Van Terry's attack
Michael Madison smiles following Van Terry's attack (David Richard/AP)

The jury recommended Madison be sentenced to death, regardless of factors brought up in court including a childhood spent getting beaten by his mother's boyfriends and being expelled from school, before being kicked out of home.

Madison, 38, stored the bodies in places that could be viewed from the second floor balcony of his apartment, and was described by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J McGinty as a "trophy killer".

Cleveland report that Madison has already signalled his intent to appeal the sentence to the Ohio Supreme Court.